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    There's nothing quite like San Francisco in August

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    Founded in 1993 as a web development company, we've evolved into a digital marketing agency serving companies around the globe. Our agency site can be found at TatuDigital.com

    Conscious Business Consulting

    It's not enough to just make money, we want to help you thrive.

    Changing the way we market products and services is long overdue, just as consumers have changed what they expect from businesses who market to them. It’s time for a conscious and mindful approach to explaining what we offer and why we do it.

    Social Media Strategy

    Getting Social Right

    At first glance, social media can feel immediate, frenzied, and incomprehensible. But to us, digital marketing presents an opportunity to develop authentic, long term relationships. Great marketing entertains and inspires audiences to think more consciously about social media strategy, brand reputation management, and content design.

  • Who We are

    Our team works virtually and combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication.
    Headed by founder and CEO, Janet Fouts, we strive to incorporate a mindful approach to how we work with each other, our clients and communicate with the world.

    Founder and CEO- Janet Fouts

    A mindful approach to business

    Instead of the often-used scattershot approach, Janet believes in the immense power of mindfulness, authenticity, and generosity. With 20+ of experience working with both Fortune 50 firms as well as tiny startups, Janet’s knowledge is extensive yet practical.

    She is a best-selling author, having written 6 books on social media marketing, the most recent of which, “Mindful Social Marketing- ” is available on Amazon.

    She hosts the Podcast, Mindful Social Marketing and directs corporate training on digital marketing and conscious business. She blogs at Janet Fouts.com.

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